21st July 2014

I have loved using the little Samsung NX10. The optical viewfinder and the small size have been particularly significant pluses. Image quality, tho’ very good, is the let-down: it is not quite there, can’t quite hold a really sharp A3 print. Time to change. I have always been a “travel light” sort of photographer and experience has shown me, time and again, that the less you carry, the further you will go (or the longer you keep going). DSLRs, to mind, don’t give enough bang for their bulk. So here’s me getting used to another camera. The reviews, the discounts and my instinctive feelings for glass and brass have lead me to the Fujifilm X-Pro1. Having been a long-time coveter of Fuji medium format rangefinder cameras, I don’t think that I’ll be dissappointed.

These sort of light effects looking across the water last for just minutes. I usually see this sort of thing when I am at the wheel of a car and there is nowhere to stop, but this morning I was killing twenty minutes with coffee and camera. Later it was a sort of overgrown green symmetry that caught my attention.