Monthly Archive: October 2014

The sound of winter

29 October 2014 It is the end of October and there are many leaves still to fall, but Christmas stuff is already in the shops (and has been for a week or two). A couple of men in a Glasgow… Read more >

Changing edgelands

14 October 2014 It is in the nature of edgelands to evolve, sometimes suddenly and dramatically. Fences appear, gates get locked. Earth-moving equipment alters the shape of the land and building works completely change its nature. One of my favourite… Read more >

North of the Clyde

Kelvindale Glasgow Edgelands

8 October 2014 One of the clever things that you can do with a Flickr account is to produce a map showing the locations at which photographs were made. The map of my Glasgow’s Edgelands images has lots and lots… Read more >