North of the Clyde

Kelvindale Glasgow Edgelands

8 October 2014

One of the clever things that you can do with a Flickr account is to produce a map showing the locations at which photographs were made. The map of my Glasgow’s Edgelands images has lots and lots of dots south of the river Clyde, but very few to the north of it. As I both live and work in the south-side perhaps this is not so surprising, however a more even scatter will be neccessary before the project can be true to it’s name. There is much of this city and its suburbs yet to probe.

In this spirit of exploration I found a couple of hours this afternoon to have a walk around the Kelvindale area towards the Forth and Clyde Canal. I was also hoping to capture some Autumn colour. This year’s display is well under way but is not bold: the shades of red, bronze and yellow are so far very gentle. Disappointing hazy cloud obscured the sun for for most of the time, but as I was returning to the car the sky brightened with warm evening light and I made the two photographs shown here.


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