Monthly Archive: March 2015

Lunchtime in Irvine

24 March 2015 – On the coast and beneath a magnificent sky is a fine place to find yourself at lunchtime. Munching on an Asda scotch egg, I leave the car and explore dunes and municipal leasure buildings. There is… Read more >



23 March 2015 – It might be possible to cast originality to one side and spend a lifetime photographing nothing but the patterns of sand on a beach. The painter Georgio Morandi spent a large part of his life creating… Read more >

I can’t resist Paisley

14 March 2015 – I am a little out-of-area today. I find myself on the Paisley side of the border and spot a path beyond a fence. I can’t resist. Days are lengthening and Coltsfoot,  always the first thing to… Read more >

Thames Estuary 1989

Thames Estuary

08 March 2015 – The scans of my 1989 Essex negatives are complete. The first was inadvertantly scanned in colour, which gives a purplish tone which I rather like and have stayed with. My first printing of this series (back… Read more >