Monthly Archive: May 2015

The pride of Uddingston


25 May 2015 – Great Scottish icons include tartan, the thistle and the Tunnock’s Teacake. Dancing teacakes featured in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. In Uddingston of an evening, I had to have a look. Considering they proudly claim… Read more >

Apple and glass

15 May 2015 – There is a cut through between the Silverburn shopping mall and nearby Kennishead which passes through some previously industrial land. Many years ago somebody must have thrown an apple core over the fence. I was absorbed… Read more >

Missing out on the bluebells

14 May 2015 – Drive almost anywhere around Glasgow right now and you’ll see the blue. In gardens and parks, beside motorways and in hedgerows, great clumps of bluebells bring a rare colour to the landscape. I feel obliged to… Read more >

Framed in a window

5 May 2015 – I saw this, framed in a window on the landing of a block of flats in the center of town, and it made me happy that I always carry a camera with me.