Missing out on the bluebells

Glasgow (Pollok Park)

14 May 2015

Drive almost anywhere around Glasgow right now and you’ll see the blue. In gardens and parks, beside motorways and in hedgerows, great clumps of bluebells bring a rare colour to the landscape. I feel obliged to catch this moment – it barely lasts a week.

There are parts of Pollok Park which are unmanaged and unvisited and one of these, as I remembered, awash with bluebells at this time of year. Despite the soft light I failed to bring back any worthwhile images of the blue; they will have to wait another year. Plenty of the green, though.

This one here makes me think that Mr and Mrs Andrews (and their dog) are about to walk into the scene. Interestingly, Pollok House, the grounds of which have become the park, was built in 1752, around the time that Thomas Gainsborough committed the Andrews family to canvas.

Glasgow (Pollok Park)