Monthly Archive: February 2015

Scratching the Archive

25 February 2015 – Very nearly twenty-six years ago I was stalking the Essex bank of the Thames estuary with a (then) thirty year-old Microflex twin lens reflex fixed on to a tripod. That thursday I made nine exposures. The… Read more >

When I was Six

Coronet 3D

21 February 2015 – It must have been 1959. Vaguely I remember being in a second-hand shop, my father excitedly buying something – for me! I do remember the camera and I remember making this photograph which was, I think,… Read more >



16 February 2015 A bus journey home from work can be a little dull. But, hey, the evenings are getting lighter, and there is always an old Canon compact in my pocket. Let’s play. Here we are on the number… Read more >

A hill-top under red sky


07 February 2015 – There are more people out and about at the weekend, so, if I’m making photographs I tend to go out avoidingly late. This evening I was walking under weak and failing light, close to  Glasgow’s south-western… Read more >

Blacksey Burn


04 February 2015 – The sound of a drumming woodpecker broke the quiet. A dog-walker crossed above the Blacksey Burn on muddy but frozen-firm ground. The sun, diffused behind motionless thin cloud, drew a light which was bright yet shadowless…. Read more >

Driving home

02 February 2015 – Yesterday we drove the four hundred and fifty miles from Dorset back home to Glasgow. Moving through the landscape, ever northward, the sun low behind us for most of the way. The wide rectangle of the… Read more >