Monthly Archive: January 2015

Difficult light

22 January 2015 – The cloud felt like it was a mile thick, heavily pressing down on the land in a sulk. Not much light made it through the layers of vapour, but what little there was emerged diffuse and… Read more >

Waiting for the boy


16 January 2015 – He’d had his computing exam this morning and chemistry this afternoon. I am looking out of the window for the boy coming home when the snow, big frothy clumps of it, begins to fall. Each passing… Read more >

Approaching storm

08 January – I had surgery on my mouth yesterday. Eating is tricky, talking is uncomfortable and my face is sore. But the sun shines and, bored of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, I decided to dose-up on… Read more >

Dots on the map

05 January 2015 – I thought that it might be interesting to composite the Flickr maps of my edgelands photographs together with an outline of the Glasgow city boundary. By the looks of things, it may be some time before… Read more >

Wintry showers and sunny intervals

02 January 2015 – At eight-thirty this morning the cloud was so dense that it was almost dark. By eight-forty (making coffee) there was blue sky overhead. At eight-fifty (in the bath) I could hear hail pinging off the window…. Read more >