Difficult light

22 January 2015

The cloud felt like it was a mile thick, heavily pressing down on the land in a sulk. Not much light made it through the layers of vapour, but what little there was emerged diffuse and shadowless. I find these conditions most difficult to photograph in.

Kennishead WoodKennishead Wood

I didn’t want to travel far, so I decided to explore Kennishead Wood which rises above the M77 and overlooks the Silverburn mall. There were no footprints in the week-old snow other than from a fox or two – and my own – so this place seems to be little-visited.

I am sort-of happy with these two pictures. They work as a pair with muted complimentary colours and their echoing lines and masses. In this light there is little contrast in the landscape, yet the sky is very much brighter than the ground. Clouds barely register and have to be burnt-in if they are to appear as oppressive as they feel.