Troon sand23 March 2015

It might be possible to cast originality to one side and spend a lifetime photographing nothing but the patterns of sand on a beach. The painter Georgio Morandi spent a large part of his life creating beautiful arrangements of tone and shade using jars and vases – the same jars and vases again and again – as the ostensible subject. I suppose that he never woke up in the morning wondering what to paint that day. Likewise, the photographer of sand would never run out of subtle arrangements of light and texture. Every visit to the beach would reveal something different.

Chance found me in Troon today, with a mere ten minutes spare for a walk on the beach. There was a cock Pheasant also taking a stroll beside the dunes. We walked along together cheerily for quite some time, me admiring his bright colours and him finding something to eat among the beach detritus.