Six hours of light

27 December 2014

At last, a fine day and the time to use it! This time of year there are little more than six hours of light and many consecutive days of continuous rain. The sun, when it appears, is low in the sky even in the middle of the day. Shadows are rare and always long.

I have noticed this stand of trees from the M77 every time I have passed on my way home from the shops at Silverburn. White wood-chips on the ground show that woodpeckers are finding plenty of food here.

Glasgow (Pollok)Exploring further to the west, I parked-up in a residential street and followed a very muddy path into Bull Wood. I kept wide of a young lad who was training a young rottweiler to stay and to heel, and made for the high ground. An opening in the trees permits a view over the White Cart and the back of Leverndale Hospital, to the tower blocks in Cardonald and beyond to the distant Campsie Fells. It will be interesting to have a more extensive poke around here. Heading back to the car I was startled by a couple of fallow deer white-tail running close across my path. The rottweiler, all bounce and excitement, will need a few more lessons yet.

Glasgow (Bull Wood)