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An excuse for the Picturesque

27th July 2015 – Mixing photography with being sociable limits me to group outings to picturesque places or getting out on my own when the others want a bit of down-time. I humbly offer one view from the over-snapped Quarang… Read more >

A run up to to Skye

25th July 2015 – A friend has loaned their cottage, other friends flying up from London. We can’t fit four in the big car, not with luggage, bedding and all, so I’ll take the food in the C1 and set… Read more >


21st July 2014 – I have loved using the little Samsung NX10. The optical viewfinder and the small size have been particularly significant pluses. Image quality, tho’ very good, is the let-down: it is not quite there, can’t quite hold… Read more >

The new Glasgow hospital

July 14th 2015 – The golden hour again. I am side-tracked on my way home by the architecture of the new South Glasgow – or is it the Quuen Elizabeth.

Fallin and Tullibody

8th July 2015 – I am taking advantage of the late light again today. Fallin was a mining village untill 1987. On the other side of the still-tidal river Forth, Tullibody’s pits mined the same seams.

A bit of a heat-wave

1st July 2015 – England has been under Saharan air for days, and finally it has crept up here. Warm, still, close and light ’till very late now. Heading along beside the water, driving home from Helensburgh, I wound down… Read more >

A challenge for a sensor?

28th June 2015 – In the middle of Stirling, in front of the council offices, there an area which looks quite out of place, borderline surreal: several acres of ground have been sown with joyful wild flowers as if it… Read more >

Two fields

27th June 2015 – Two images made today about twenty miles apart, both from the side of the road and both are really the same shot. Nerston (south of Cambuslang) and Bannockburn (south of Stirling) in their summer colours.

Closing Bracket

7th June 2015 – I opened this sequence with a balcony shot made on the first evening, and am closing it with the same view made on the final morning. Another portentious sky, or just chance biblical references? No time… Read more >

Strawberry and Pistachio

6th June 2015 – Working with the light and with the place is becoming easier and more productive each day. I am really pleased with these two images made in Punto Milocca and Ognina. Colour, light and above all, Sicily.