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Framed in a window

5 May 2015 – I saw this, framed in a window on the landing of a block of flats in the center of town, and it made me happy that I always carry a camera with me.

Do I see a tiger?

30 April 2015 –   The everyday can so easily become surreal. The Sighthill / Port Dundas area has been on my must-visit for a while: waste ground, canals and the light industrial all worth a good explore. I was… Read more >

The greening

16 April 2015 – It happens very gradually, almost imperceptably. The greening. So far only Sallow and Hawthorn are shifting the colour of hedge and scrub, opening the play as Robins and Blackbirds open the dawn chorus. Soon Birch and Poplar… Read more >

Lunchtime in Irvine

24 March 2015 – On the coast and beneath a magnificent sky is a fine place to find yourself at lunchtime. Munching on an Asda scotch egg, I leave the car and explore dunes and municipal leasure buildings. There is… Read more >



23 March 2015 – It might be possible to cast originality to one side and spend a lifetime photographing nothing but the patterns of sand on a beach. The painter Georgio Morandi spent a large part of his life creating… Read more >

I can’t resist Paisley

14 March 2015 – I am a little out-of-area today. I find myself on the Paisley side of the border and spot a path beyond a fence. I can’t resist. Days are lengthening and Coltsfoot,  always the first thing to… Read more >

Thames Estuary 1989

Thames Estuary

08 March 2015 – The scans of my 1989 Essex negatives are complete. The first was inadvertantly scanned in colour, which gives a purplish tone which I rather like and have stayed with. My first printing of this series (back… Read more >

Scratching the Archive

25 February 2015 – Very nearly twenty-six years ago I was stalking the Essex bank of the Thames estuary with a (then) thirty year-old Microflex twin lens reflex fixed on to a tripod. That thursday I made nine exposures. The… Read more >

When I was Six

Coronet 3D

21 February 2015 – It must have been 1959. Vaguely I remember being in a second-hand shop, my father excitedly buying something – for me! I do remember the camera and I remember making this photograph which was, I think,… Read more >



16 February 2015 A bus journey home from work can be a little dull. But, hey, the evenings are getting lighter, and there is always an old Canon compact in my pocket. Let’s play. Here we are on the number… Read more >