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Glasgow School of Art Diploma Show

19th June 2015 – It is still shocking to think of the fire that destroyed so many student’s work and did such great damage to the Mackintosh building last year. This year the Fine Art show was in the Tontine… Read more >

Closing Bracket

7th June 2015 – I opened this sequence with a balcony shot made on the first evening, and am closing it with the same view made on the final morning. Another portentious sky, or just chance biblical references? No time… Read more >

Strawberry and Pistachio

6th June 2015 – Working with the light and with the place is becoming easier and more productive each day. I am really pleased with these two images made in Punto Milocca and Ognina. Colour, light and above all, Sicily.

Out of Season

5th June 2015 – I’m not sure when the Italians come to their holiday homes, but it certainly is not now. Mostly there is silence behind locked gates, but sometimes there are the sounds of preparation and making-ready for the… Read more >

I am the only one walking

4th June 2015 – Is it as hard for you as it is for me to sit all day on a blissfully sandy Mediterranean beach, reading a book and having the occaisional refreshing dip between chapters? Being still is not… Read more >

A new light

3rd June 2015 – I don’t really understand what makes it so difficult to work in unfamiliar light. After all, it is the same pair of eyes looking out. Perhaps it is not the light at all, but rather the… Read more >

Opening Bracket

1st June 2015 – Anyone believing in the portent of symbols in the sky might attach much meaning to this celestial exclaimation. I, on the other hand, take great pleasure in chance and serendipity. This from our holiday balcony in… Read more >

The pride of Uddingston


25 May 2015 – Great Scottish icons include tartan, the thistle and the Tunnock’s Teacake. Dancing teacakes featured in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. In Uddingston of an evening, I had to have a look. Considering they proudly claim… Read more >

Apple and glass

15 May 2015 – There is a cut through between the Silverburn shopping mall and nearby Kennishead which passes through some previously industrial land. Many years ago somebody must have thrown an apple core over the fence. I was absorbed… Read more >

Missing out on the bluebells

14 May 2015 – Drive almost anywhere around Glasgow right now and you’ll see the blue. In gardens and parks, beside motorways and in hedgerows, great clumps of bluebells bring a rare colour to the landscape. I feel obliged to… Read more >